Snow Goose Hunting: From A Fire To A Fixation

Then moving to Houston Texas at a young age and coming from Chicago is traumatic enough in the age of sixteen; little did I know of disappointments and the wonders that lay ahead. When residing in Chicago as a young lad I do recall seeing the Canada geese from time to time and across the neighborhood park using a stick pursuing the neighborhood set of ducks of course, but nothing could have prepared me for what was in store.

Many things were apparent at first glance rather than only their address once arriving in Baytown Texas. There were the Gulf of Mexico, oil derricks, a movie being filmed by John Wayne about oil well fire fighting and oh yea the huge quantities of waterfowl. As the temperature dropped the waterfowl began arriving and not only ducks, but geese; snow geese after out in the sleepy small town there was field after field of crops as well as in the late autumn.

Nearly the moment I saw the masses of snow geese I was not and hooked that much more nearly everyone my parents understood in to letting me tag along as they went for spring snow goose hunting had been pestered by me. Coming from a family that had no hunters one of my dad’s co workers took pity on me and succumb to my endless pleading and understanding nothing and begging to join them. He first made me consent to do that he’d enable me to help set up their next morning’s hunt, understanding less than nothing I also would have consented to virtually anything at that stage and clamored in the opportunity to go and as I was told.